Oxford University Press Online With Mark Logic

Oxford University Press (OUP), the world’s largest university press, is now online with its MarkLogic-based African American Studies Center. You can access it here, either using a library barcode, individual subscription, or institutional subscription or trial.

Per OUP …

The Oxford African American Studies Center combines the authority of carefully edited reference works with sophisticated technology to create the most comprehensive collection of scholarship available online to focus on the lives and events which have shaped African American history and culture.

Here is a story about this application that appeared in Book Business magazine. The story makes the important point that we see repeated over and over with our publishing customers — by using MarkLogic as a technology platform they can greatly reduce the time it takes to create new information products. Quoting the story:

[In the past] we built each new product from scratch, using unique resources and systems,” [Alex Humphreys, OUP’s director of online engineering,] says, adding that it took approximately 10 to 12 months to complete each destination. These online resources are subscription services available to schools and libraries that generate a stream of income for OUP. [….]

The company selected MarkLogic Server as the basis of its publishing platform because the software “provided the greatest flexibility” in describing, organizing and searching content elements, according to Humphreys.

Here is Mark Logic’s press release about OUP’s applications. Here is a nice closing quote from the site’s editor-in-chief:

W. E. B. Du Bois dreamed of a repository for all knowledge of African American history and culture—I hope he would be pleased with what this community of scholars has built online.

We’re happy to be helping out with the task.

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