Really Strategies Launches MarkLogic-Based CMS

Really Strategies, Inc. today became Mark Logic’s first, live OEM customer by launching their RSuite CMS content management system.

RSuite CMS is a MarkLogic-based content management system, designed specifically for publishers. Really Strategies is a long-time Mark Logic systems integration partner that serves the publishing industry. Founders Barry Bealer and Lisa Bos have considerable experience in publishing and each has worked, among other places, within units of publishing behemoth Reed Elsevier (who is also a major Mark Logic customer).

Based on their experience, Really Strategies felt that publishers needed to re-use content in ways that most companies don’t, needed better collaborative tools for working with distributed teams, needed multiple ways to work with the same content, and — because content is a publisher’s business — that they needed a system that is lightning fast in every respect. Hence, they built RSuite. Its key features are:

  • Native XML management. (Wonder who’s helping provide that.)
  • Rapid product prototyping. This is very cool. It’s kind of a BusinessObjects for publishing product managers — i.e., an interface where quasi-technical people can rapidly prototype new publishing products. This can speed time to market by accelerating what’s often a long, iterative process.
  • Metadata management with both document-level and element-level metadata. (Guess who’s helping enable fine-granularity.)
  • Web-based interface, which facilitates sharing and collaboration.

I’d like to wish Really Strategies great success with this innovative, vertically-focused product and I’d like to encourage publishers and other information industry citizens to check it out.

For more information, here’s the product data sheet. Here’s the website. And here’s their blog.

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