Love Live Dynamic Tagclouds

I found this post on Read/WriteWeb which provides a tagcloud view of Bill Gates’ keynote speech at the recent consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

With one glance you get a real sense of what Bill said. Do you want to know what marketing messages Microsoft is pushing right now? Just look and see: Vista, Xbox, and Zune all leap right out.

I love tagclouds. I think they are a simple, powerful way to abstract and summarize content.

Tagclouds are easily generated with MarkLogic. While we tend to push custom publishing, content integration, and multi-channel delivery in our marketing, we sometimes forget to mention the powerful content analytics made possible by MarkLogic Server.

The O’Reilly Labs site provides a great example of dynamically generated tagclouds (and other statistics) from O’Reilly’s contentbase, which contains all O’Reilly books and is stored in MarkLogic.

For example, if you want to know about the book, Building Scalable Websites, you can go to the statistics section of O’Reilly Labs, here, type in the book title and end up here. They’ve pulled a thumbnail of the book cover and a summary from their contentbase, and they’ve calculated 17 interesting statistics about the book (e.g., number of figures, lines of code) and dynamically generated a tagcloud about the book.

Unlike most tagclouds, this one is not only dynamically generated from the contentbase, it is itself dynamic. When you click on one of the words in the tagcloud it (e.g., XML), it takes you here where you get a table of 163 books that talk about XML, along with statistics on each of them. Click on any book, and you’re taken to the statistics page for that book.

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  1. I have to say it has taken me a while to get used to tagclouds. I first found them messy but now, really think they instantly create a buzz, as your picture shows.

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