Every Publisher Should Read This: Agile Development

Just a quick post to highlight a report done late last year by Outsell entitled “Keep Ahead of the Competition with Agile Development.”

As publishers increasingly become application developers who build information products that mix software and content, they increasingly need to adopt state-of-the-art software development practices and methodologies.

Surprisingly, many of the publishers we work with are still doing big-bang development projects following a waterfall approach. I beleive that agile approaches are far better, particularly in the uncertain environment in which publishers find themselves. Rather than specifying huge projects up front, building them over a long time period, and hoping they work when launched, they need to deliver software fast and interact with users about what they’ve built.

Put simply, if you’re a publisher and you’re not doing agile development you should click here to buy this report for $395. (You can thank me later.)

You can read the excellent Wikipedia entry on agile development here. You can find the pithy Agile Manifesto here. You can find my blog post on content agility here.

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  1. James McGovern

    My understanding is that your offering is complimentary to Alfresco. Could you explain mixed usage scenarios in an upcoming blog entry?

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