The Relevancy Quest: The Point

Here’s a quick follow-up to the last post, which got long and perhaps failed to net-out the point as clearly as it might have. Here’s the point:

  • Search engines seem to assume that the question is improving relevancy based on a few keyword grunts.
  • They use various degrees of magic to try and improve relevancy: dynamic clustering, taxonomy, recent query history, social tagging/editing, entity extraction, PageRank, SemanticRank, SomethingRank, etc.
  • The point of all this magic is to guess exactly what you want.

Here’s the question: why guess when you can know? When you send a SQL query to a Oracle, it’s not guessing what you want (e.g., show me average sales by product line for 2Q). It knows what you want and there is a single correct answer to your question.

So why do have to guess when it comes to content? You don’t have to. With XQuery and XML content servers, like MarkLogic, you can express, powerful, complex database-style queries that get exactly what you want from a contentbase.

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