17 Search Innovations Outside Google

I was digging through my bloglines bookmarks today and found this old (for a blog) post on the Red/WriteWeb written by Nitin Karandikar, author of the Software Abstractions blog.

The post, entitled Top 17 Search Innovations Outside Google, provides a great round-up of recent search innovations. It was posted in May. I’m guess I’m better late than never in sharing it.

Here’s the summarized list:

  • Natural language processing
  • Personal relevance
  • Canned, specialized searches
  • New content types
  • Restricted data sources
  • Domain-specific search (aka, vertical search)
  • Parametric search
  • Social input
  • Human input
  • Semantic search
  • Discovery support
  • Classification, tag clouds, and clustering
  • Results visualization
  • Results refinement and filters
  • Results platforms
  • Related services
  • Search agent

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