The Flatirons Dynamic Content Delivery Solution

Flatirons Solutions has been getting quite some attention around their DITA-based Dynamic Content Delivery solution. (DITA is the Darwin information typing architecture, more here.)

I just noticed they’ve put a data sheet up on their site, describing the solution, available here. The solution includes a MarkLogic Connector to Documentum; information on that is available here.

And I’ve already blogged about their excellent white paper on the topic of DITA and dynamic content delivery. If you missed it, that paper is here.

Addition (8/3/07)
In the coincidence department, Flatirons CTO Eric Severson just emailed, informing me that he’s an official guest blogger on the Gilbane Publishing Practice Blog and that he has just blogged about dynamic content delivery on that blog, here.

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  1. Dave, I’m excited to finally see DITA used in the way it was intended — to deliver the right content, to the right people, in the right format, in the right language, at the right time. The Flatirons Solutions solution is a great example I point to often. I’m excited to see what develops further with this solution, especially in light of the important role rich media is playing in the technical communication landscape. Can we use DITA to deliver podcasts and video instructions? Can we wrap user-generated content in it? I expect to see big changes in the coming years. And, Mark Logic is at the forefront, as usual. Keep up the good work.Scott AbelThe Content

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