Danny Sullivan Interview

I recently found this lengthy and comprehensive interview with search engine guru Danny Sullivan, formerly of Search Engine Watch, but who split off about a year ago to start Search Engine Land.

The interview covers a number of topics:

  • The challenges in starting Search Engine Land
  • Sphinns and how they came to be pronounced sfins as well as spins (sphinns are their equivalent of diggs).
  • Universal search, and the relevancy challenges associated therewith
  • Vertical search
  • Personalized search, and the privacy concerns associated therewith
  • Whether anyone (e.g., Microsoft) is capable of giving Google a run for its money in Internet search
  • Facebook, and social networking site’s role in search (including the email replacement aspect of such sites and its impact on search)

I’d definitely recommend reading the interview.

I’ve added Stone Temple Consulting‘s blog, Ramblings about SEO, to my blogroll and also recommend looking at their site itself (there is lots of good content including interviews, podcasts, and primers).

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