Mark Logic / Flatirons Webinar Archive: Dynamic Content Delivery Using DITA

Just a quick post to provide a link to the archive of the popular webinar we did recently with Flatirons Solutions entitled Have It Your Way: Dynamic Content Delivery Using DITA.

DITA refers to the Darwin Information Typing Architecture, an XML-based architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering technical information. This webinar drew a big response (over 400 folks) from a wide variety of industries. DITA clearly is getting some strong momentum in the technical publications community and with Mark Logic you can use DITA not only to automate the production of the “usual suspect” deliverables (PDF documentation, helpfiles) but more important to deliver dynamic personalized content to individuals.

Ajay Singh from Mark Logic and Eric Severson from Flatirons are the speakers. It includes a demo of O’Reilly Media’s MarkLogic-based SafariU application at minute 26 and a demo of a loan processing application at The World Bank at minute 35.

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