Web 2.0 Summit: Mark Zuckerberg

They opened the show with an interview of the kid from Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. This conference has a way of making me feel old, and boy did they cut to the chase this year with Zuckerberg, who’s closer in age (and appearance) to my high-school freshman son than he is to me.

Notes and impressions:

  • Wow, he’s young. But he’s pretty poised. Almost arrogant. But quite articulate. Very calm and measured. Handles a press interview very well. Knows how to answer questions and more importantly how to not answer them. (I suspect he’s got a very good PR person working with him.)
  • “An IPO is definitely years out.”
  • “Facebook has always run on a near breakeven basis from the days when it was in my dorm (at Harvard) costing $85/month till today when revenues are … quite a bit larger.”
  • “We have 300 people … and expect to end the year with 700 people.”
  • They have 45M users.
  • 20% of the crowd raised their handed in response to the question: do you build Facebook apps? Frankly, I have trouble believing it because a large percentage of the crowd are bankers, VCs, journalists and other forms of hangers-on that don’t actually build and run companies. So if this were true, it would suggest that about 1/2 of the operating companies present were building Facebook apps.
  • When you raise money, will you need to bring in a grown-up, a la how Larry and Sergey brought in Eric? “[No]. Our focus is on building a strong team.”

See my prior post on Facebook, entitled Go Check Out Facebook, Now for more.

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