Future of Business Media Conference Opener

I’m thumb blogging via email from my BlackBerry at this conference. The opener was an interview by Rafat Ali with Roger McNamee, Elevation Partners (a Forbes investor) and James Spanfeller, CEO of Forbes.com.


  • RM: don’t reproduce the magazine on the web; bad idea
  • JS: I don’t think of the web as a medium, but instead as a platform
  • RM: one reason I invested was because Steve Forbes said: “the web is a different from magazines as film is from live theater.
  • JS: we get 20M uniques per month and publish 3K stories/day
  • RM: don’t think editorial out, think audience in
  • RM: we have no idea what things will look like 3 years out … The whole business will change radically over the next decade.
  • RM: people won’t say you made a great magazine, so you’re going to make a great website; they’re going to look at it de novo.

Personally I love McNamee’s commentary at this type of event. However, I have less of a sense of how the rather mainstream magazine publishing audience views him. I’m from Silicon Valley and love the whole disrupter angle; I’m not sure the disrupted will welcome him with equal enthusiasm.

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