Hecklers in People-Powered Search

Cha Cha just raised a B round of $10M which has led to some new attention for the “people-powered search” company and some controversy about its ties to Indiana University as well.

But this post is pure fun. TechCrunch’s Forums has a conversation thread where people post their best / funniest Cha Cha transcripts.

Here’s my favorite:

search: my wife
Status: Looking for a guide …
Status: Connected to guide: Pamela C
Pamela C: Welcome to ChaCha!
You: hello pamela!
Pamela C: Hi
You: I’m looking for my wife, can you help me?
Pamela C: Nope
You: I thought you guys were experts in searching?
You: she left an hour ago but her cell phone is off.
Pamela C: searchable searches online
You: you mean to tell me with all the world’s information at my fingertips (and yours) we can’t put our heads together and find my wife?
Pamela C: nope
You: why not?
Pamela C: I dunno
You: can’t you at least try? perhaps she advertises herself.
Pamela C: Nope
You: chacha sucks!
Pamela C: I am sorry
You: will you marry me Pamela?
Pamela C: You are married
You: yeah, but she’s gone. I live in Utah.
Pamela C: Okay
You: awesome.
Pamela C: Awesome
Pamela C: What are you doin
You: crying
Pamela C: Why
You: I miss my other wife.
Pamela C: LOL
Pamela C: What is her name
You: Pamela B.
Pamela C: LOL
Pamela C: whatever
You: you are the third pamela, but I promise to love you as much as the others.
Pamela C: lol
You: what are your hobbies, pamela?
Pamela C: going to school
Pamela C: trying to pass precalculus
Pamela C: i have one minute left
You: oh dear, you’re of age right? I don’t want dateline NBC coming to my house!
Pamela C: LOL
Pamela C: 25
You: what happens in one minute?
You: phew.
Pamela C: i gotta go
Pamela C: bye
Pamela C: bye
Pamela C: come back
Pamela C: soon
You: I will always love you pamela!
Pamela C: Hey
Pamela C: Rate me great
Pamela C: bye
Pamela C: Please RATE ME. Thanks for using ChaCha.
Status: Session ended.

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  1. Even better – a guy later on tried to help:Status: Looking for a guide …Status: Connected to guide: DavidADavidA: Welcome to ChaCha!You: HowdyDavidA: Howdy, how y’all doin’ tonight?You: I’d be doing great! How about y’all?DavidA: Hyuck! I’m doin’ Grate!You: Thas grate!!!You: y’all still ’round?DavidA: Yah, just doin’ the Dose E Doe!DavidA: Yee-Haw!You: das jus lovely! jus lovelyYou: hoo-weeYou: say wou’d ya know where i’d fin pamela?DavidA: Let me search that for youYou: y’all s all righYou: Ima lookin fir pamela for a frienda mineDavidA: Thanks for being patient! Rest assured I’m finding the most relevant results for your search.You: I don no whos relative pamelas is now, but don let that stop ya!You: shoot dis takes longer ina caterpillar tyin his shoes!DavidA: HahahaDavidA: Y’all funny I reckonDavidA: I got distraktedDavidA: by the pictures of PamYou: so y’all found pam!!!DavidA: im keepin her to mai self!!!Transfer: You are being transfered to another guide who can help you search even better!Looking for guide …people are so helpful nowadays…

  2. very, very funny! Thanks for sharing :)

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