Information Today Readers Select MarkLogic for People's Choice Award

I learned last night at our cocktail reception at London Online, fortuitously already drinking a glass of champagne, that MarkLogic has again won an Information Today People’s Choice award, in the category Top Enterprise Application.

Other winners included:
  • Top new social networking tool: Facebook
  • Top content creation: Adobe
  • Top social networking tool: Digg
  • Top search and retrieval: Google
  • Top new innovator (is that redundant?): Tim O’Reilly
RSuite (a MarkLogic-based CMS built by Really Strategies) won the award for top content management. That shows the power of information industry focus in tailoring and differentiating a CMS in an otherwise crowded CMS market. Congratulations, Really Strategies!

Thank you to the readers of Information Today for again selecting us. The company’s press release is here. The complete list of winners is here.

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