EMC Acquires Document Sciences for $85M

On 12/27/07, EMC announced the acquisition of Document Sciences (DOCX) for $85M in cash. DOCX’s stock has been flat in the $6 range for most of the past two years, recently moved to the $8 range, and is up to about $14 on the announcement of the deal.

The New York Times reports on the story here. Excerpt:

Storage company EMC has agreed to buy Document Sciences, a developer of software for personalizing mailshots and other communications. The acquisition will allow EMC to extend its offering in the field of transactional content management, which it sees as the fastest-growing part of the enterprise content management market. It plans to incorporate Document Sciences into its content management and archiving division.

Alan Pelz-Sharpe of CMSWatch has a nice write-up here. Excerpt:

The storage centric, archiving / transactional document management story now being built by EMC positions them to play more strongly in the ever-changing ECM market. For a long time Documentum was a leader in ECM, but over the last 2 years they have lost their shine and momentum. Of course it will take time for the acquisitions to be absorbed, for the new “D6” version to be truly tested and worked out by the market, and for EMC to build a cohesive and comprehensive technical architecture across its product line. And so for buyers, EMC remains a turbulent vendor to deal with. But the moves they are making seem solid, and the prognosis looks good. It’s a developing story that I will continue to cover in detail in the ECM Suites Report throughout 2008.

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