NotchUp: Get Paid to Interview

I was doing a quick surf through the list of companies slated to launch at DEMO-08 this week and stumbled into NotchUp which caught my eye both because a few friends had signed up (and I was getting some Spock-like emails) and because of NotchUp’s cool, creative-yet-practical idea: they pay you to go on job interviews.

Better yet, if you’re still mulling the concept, NotchUp has a quick calculator that estimates what you should charge. In my case, it spit out $1,830. (And to think prior to this discovery I could be had for grande non-fat latte.)

As a high-growth company that depends on both contigency and retained recruiters, I believe there is a lot of room for cost efficiency improvement in the recruitng process in corporate America. So, similar to LinkedIn, I like the basic business problem they’re shooting at.

Give it a try!

(Warning: NotchUp’s site is appallingly slow, presumably due to the activity spike generated by the launch PR.)

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