Google and Autonomy Spat, Round II

Autonomy and Google are at it again. Per this InformationWeek story:

For the second time in six months, Google has publicly challenged a white paper from enterprise search rival Autonomy, claiming the latest document contains “significant inaccuracies.”

For customers with demanding needs, the Google appliance lacks the necessary security and connectivity models,” Mike Lynch, chief executive of Autonomy, said in an emailed statement. “It is not possible to make successful high-end enterprise search solutions without mapped security and productized connectors to repositories.”

I’ve not yet had time to dig into the detail of this, so I’m sharing it more as a news item for now and will — if it proves interesting — come back with analysis later.

Google’s rebuttal is here on the Google Enterprise blog.

My free PR advice for Google is to avoid a spat and simply create a low-key white paper that responds to any claims they believe are incorrect. In my experience, in PR wars the big guy never wins. Sometimes the little guy wins. Sometimes both companies lose. So when you’re the leader the best strategy is not to fight. Much as you want to.

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