SAP / Business Objects 101

It seems to me that SAP hasn’t spent energy much getting the Business Objects story out, particularly when you consider that they spent $6.8B to buy them. What I do hear about the strategy, the integration, the overall story, I get through my BOBJ alumni backchannel.

Thus I was pleased to find that Business Objects employee #8, Timo Elliott, has recently posted a video to his blog that does a great job of covering what (I think is) the SAP / Business Objects story at the 101 (i.e., introductory) level. It’s 23 minutes long, and it feels a bit like a training session, but if you want a comprehensive walk through the story, I don’t know a better place to get it.

Here is a link to the video.

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  1. Dave, your readers might be interested my summary of the presentation here:

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