Soccer Fans: Please Support The Thunder

This is not a regular, business post, but since I know many old friends and colleagues read this blog, and I know that some of you are soccer fans, and I know that some of you would be eager to help support a youth soccer team, I thought I’d do a brief donation solicitation on behalf of my son’s soccer team, the San Carlos Thunder. (Hint: you’ll never find him in the picture unless you know what my wife looks like.)

The team is fund-raising to support a dream trip to England this summer. On the trip they will get to tour classic English football (i.e., soccer) stadiums like Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford, the homes of Chelsea and Manchester United, respectively. In addition, they will play local and or academy teams. In ~9 days, they’ll play ~5 games, tour ~4 stadiums, and have a day or so in London.

As it stands right now, not everyone who wants to attend will be able to do so unless we raise more money. The boys have been working hard doing the standard stuff (e.g., running the Snack Shack at the local field, recycling cans, selling chocolates) to raise money. Thus far, in my estimation, they’ve been pretty successful; I think they’ve raised north of $6,000. That’s a lot of hot dogs and cans. But all in, the costs run more than $2,500/person. So what they’re planning on raising helps defray maybe 20% of the cost, and that’s good.

But, simply put, not everyone who wants to go will be able to do so unless they raise more. If you’re interested in helping out, every $25, $50, $100, or more will help a lot. (And yes, I’ve donated myself.)

So if you want to help out, please print this post and drop a check in the mail before 4/30/08 to:

San Carlos Thunder
Attn: MLB
860 Cedar Street
San Carlos, CA 94070

__$25 __$50 __$100 __$250 __$500 ___ other

If you prefer PayPal, you can send funds to me at dave-point-kellogg -at-marklogic-point-com (writing it out to avoid spam email harvesters) and I will pass them onto the team.

Thanks again. It will make a difference.

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