Find Out What's Hot — Right Now — With Summize

Check out this Twitter search engine that I recently discovered called Summize. It enables you to search Twitter “tweets” (i.e., microblog posts) so you can see what’s hot in the Internet, right now.

While Technorati does a great job of searching the blogosphere and keeping up-to-date with “right now” given a blog-centric definition, Summize one-ups Technorati, giving “right now” a Twitter twist — meaning literally seconds. I’d argue that if for no other reason, Twitter’s 140-character limit on tweets means that tweet searching will beat almost any other content source if you’re looking to maximize recency.

You might think: what’s the use in searching 140-character messages? Well, you can learn a lot. Check out a few searches:

  • will tell you if Hillary’s still running … and from a quick skim of the tweets it appears that her recent speech left some ambiguity in that regard.
  • provides you with a handful of tweets about Mark Logic, from which you can that our conference is coming up and that we recently hired some high-visibility technical team members, like Norm Walsh.

As an aside, I’d argue that Summize provides yet another example of why technology executives need to spend time staying on top of all the new applications on the web. Why? It’s a bit like differential equations — the concepts build on each other and if you skip class for too many weeks in a row, it’s *really hard* to try and catch back up.


  • If you don’t get blogs, you won’t get Blogger
  • If you don’t get Blogger and blogs, then you won’t get Technorati
  • If you don’t get blogs, then you won’t get Twitter
  • If you don’t get Twitter, then you won’t get Summize

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3 responses to “Find Out What's Hot — Right Now — With Summize

  1. Which begs the question: Why is Dave Kellog not on twitter? :)

  2. I am! My username is ramblingman, as in the Allman Brothers song.

  3. One of my favourite twitter feeds! I need to know when you are going out for cheesesteak…Summize has a lot of potential – I’d like to be able to set up watchwords, so I could periodically get an update on what people are tweeting about XQuery, or any of my “hot topics” – and if someone regularly shows up in my summize queries, I’m probably going to want to follow them. Thanks for the heads up. Also, if you want to generate a quick blog post, you can summize 3 or 4 keywords, comment on the results, and hit post. Nice!

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