Microsoft Document Interop Initiative Video

Check out this video featuring Mark Logic‘s own Kelly Stirman — appropriately wearing an official Mark Logic shirt — on the Microsoft Document Interoperability Initiative, a launch and series of events we participated in a few months ago related to the new Microsoft Open XML file formats.

Here are a few quotes from the Microsoft press release:

Microsoft hosted in Cambridge today a number of independent software vendors (ISVs), including Novell Inc., Mark Logic Corp., … to launch this collaborative, community-based initiative. The Cambridge event is the first in a series of labs around the world that will bring together vendors to test interoperability between their implementations of well-known document formats […] will test interoperability between existing implementations of Office Open XML Formats and the Open Document Format (ODF) …

[…] said Jean Paoli, general manager for Interoperability and XML Architecture at Microsoft. “The labs are designed to bring technical staff together to roll up their sleeves and test interoperability between implementations of formats and address issues that are identified either in those implementations or in the translation technologies used to work across formats.”

[…] said Andy Feit, senior vice president of Marketing at Mark Logic. “Enhancing document format interoperability between MarkLogic Server and other products in the marketplace will make it much easier for our customers to deploy applications for content assembly, reuse and delivery.”

Kelly appears near the end, so you’ll need to hang in there a bit to see him. The video is in total about 4 minutes long. Check it out!

Video: Document Interoperability Initiative (DII) – Cambridge, MA

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