Happiness as a Business Model

Just a quick post to highlight an exceptional PowerPoint deck (that I suspect is making the viral rounds) on happiness as the first-principle from which you can create a successful business model. It’s by Tara Hunt, founder of Internet consultancy Citizen Agency, and author of a blog called HorsePigCow.

I like the deck not only because of the psychological first principles from which its drawn, but also because it is an A+ demo of what I’d call “the new PowerPoint” style.

People are so burned out on old-school PowerPoint that I see many people make one of two mistakes: (1) throwing out the baby with the bathwater, dispensing with slides altogether or (2) forgetting that slides are a useful medium for creating “written presentations” — i.e., decks that stand alone, intending to be read / clicked-through and not necessarily as materials to support a live presentation.

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  1. Someone left me a comment saying the slides don’t show on Firefox. I’m assuming that SlideShare was down and that was the problem. If people are still having trouble seeing the slides, please let me know.

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