Army's BCKS System Profiled in Government Computer News

GCN today featured a story, Battlefield Knowledge Management, that profiled the US Army’s use of MarkLogic in the Battle Command Knowledge System. Excerpt:

Now picture the frustration of executing such a search not over a broadband link in your home or office, but instead over a slow speed link as a solider deployed in a hostile forward area, under pressure and time constraints to gather critical information in preparation for battle.

The Army may have found a solution by implementing a Battle Command Knowledge System (BCKS) to improve soldiers’ abilities to search the Army’s Warrior Knowledge Base (WKB). […] The system enables soldiers to find the most up-to-date and cutting edge information that may assist them in the field.

The story continues:

The main feature of WKB is its ability to perform fast, specific searches. Rather than returning search results as a laundry list of links to large documents that would have to be downloaded and perused, BCKS returns very granular answers to queries generated by soldiers. The system is populated by Army content managers, who mine Army resources for applicable knowledge to add to the WKB repository. The content managers assign specific attributes (metadata) that characterizes the content and serves as keywords in the searches.

Read the full story here.

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