Forrester Trends Report for CIOs

I found this new Forrester report by analyst Bobby Cameron entitled The Emerging Technology Trends that CIOs Should Care About via this post on the ReadWriteWeb.

The six trends are:

  • Technology populism
  • The information workplace
  • Dynamic business applications
  • Digital business architecture
  • IT ecosytems
  • Enterprise master data management

While several are relevant to Mark Logic, I think the most relevant is information workplace. Here’s what the ReadWriteWeb had to say about it:

The information workplace is a term describing a next-gen platform that consists of numerous parts such as unified communications, portals, enterprise content management apps, office productivity apps, collaborative technologies, business intelligence, data warehousing, and more. However, the information workplace isn’t about each of these technologies individually, but how they all seamlessly come together as a whole. Today’s information workplace is role-based, individualized, and thanks to the Web 2.0 invasion, it’s also often “social” and “quick,” as Web 2.0 tools tend to be.

We think we’re a great platform underlie these sorts of applications. Keep an eye on our integration with Office 2007, Adobe, and Microsoft SharePoint going forward.

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