Xobni Office Tour Video

Thanks to Kelly Stirman for pointing this out to me — it’s a video tour of Xobni’s office guided by their founder, evidently part of series that Slate is doing called Cubez.

As I like to say: web 2.0 is like web 1.0 without the exits. In this case, right down to the Aeron chairs.

Tip: count how many time he says cool or stemmed variations thereof.

3 responses to “Xobni Office Tour Video

  1. Xobni isn’t Web 2.0- it’s just an Outlook-plugin, MSFT-bait, pure-play, code-and-flip operation. Their $0 sales do rival many Web startups… If they were Web 2.0, they’d have built a Greasemonkey script for GMail to do the same thing.

  2. I know/agree they’re an Outlook plug-in, but I meant web 2.0 broadly defined, hipster, 20-something CEO, et cetera. Plus, they argue something socially networking-y about the app, so I’d say the label was fair. I’ve used Xobni a few times (see prior posts) and while I find it reasonably cool, it was too slow to not de-install.

  3. DK — in old days “hipster” was defined by living in NY — but working in tech support in NJ. ;o)

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