TheLancet Now on MarkLogic

The Lancet, one of the world’s leading general medical journals, has launched a new website,, based on MarkLogic Server.

See their press release on the launch, here. Excerpt:

Incorporating input from 100 medical students, clinicians, senior consultants, medical researchers and top academics from all over the world, is built with industry-leading web technologies such as J2EE, Spring, Ajax and MarkLogic XML database functionality to create a fast and intuitive interactive online resource. has been developed using best-practice Agile processes, resulting in a lean and efficient site that delivers an optimal user experience.

We’re proud to have such a classic journal (founded in 1823) now deployed on MarkLogic Server.

As a complete aside, for trivia fans, whilst watching Young Frankenstein (inexplicably one of my five year old’s favorite movies), I noticed that Gene Wilder (Dr. Frankenstein) was reading none other than The Lancet during his improbable train ride through the US and Transylvania.

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  1. has actually been using MarkLogic for about 18 months now.Another prestigious journal, Cell also uses it.

  2. Cool. Thanks for sharing. /Dave

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