Mark Logic in EContent Magazine Dynamic Navigation Story

A rather overdue post to highlight that Mark Logic was featured a few months back in an EContent Magazine story entitled Reaping Information: Dynamic Navigation Helps Users (PDF).


Delivering information in ways that make the most sense to users is a key characteristic of MarkLogic Server, an XML Server that allows users to store, manage, manipulate, and deliver information

Indeed, a key use-case for MarkLogic is as an information delivery platform. More:

Media company ALM uses MarkLogic Server for its enterprise content repository, which holds more than 2 decades worth of news and analysis for and about the legal market.

ALM was acquired by Incisive Media a while back but nevertheless remains a customer. More:

Oxford University Press has organized its reference works on African-Americans into a central repository it calls the African American Studies Center (AASC), which allows researchers the ability to search through images and articles, arranging them in chronological order.

AASC is not only a very cool MarkLogic-based application, but also — perhaps more importantly — it’s just one slice of Oxford’s content.

Once a publisher builds their content application platform, it is relatively easy to take different slices of their content to build new and different information products. For example, Oxford Islamic Studies Online (OISO) is built on the same platform as the AASC, and I’m sure the OISO’s marginal development cost was reduced because it could leverage the fixed costs invested the development of OUP’s (MarkLogic-based) publishing platform.

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