Europeana: So Much Interest It's Down for a Month

Europeana, the European digital library, is an ambitious project to create a digital library, museum, and archive. It began in July 2007 and was launched yesterday, on 11/20/08.

Trouble is there was so much interest that the site now bears the following message:

Popularity brings the site down
We launched the site on 20 November and huge use – 10 million hits an hour – meant it crashed. We are doing our best to reopen in a more robust version.

Meanwhile, the site you’re in now is the project development site, with a video to give you a taste of what’s on the real Europeana site.

Unfortunately this project site is only in English: the real Europeana is in all EU languages.

This is how not to do an Internet site launch. I hope for them that all that interest is still there when they finally do have the robust site that they’re promising in mid December.

After all, they don’t want to pull a Cuil (pronounced cool), ruin (pronounced rew-in) their first impression, and potentially not get a chance at a second one.

Thanks to Alex Moissis for telling me about this story.

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One response to “Europeana: So Much Interest It's Down for a Month

  1. Daniel Tunkelang

    Ouch. I tried to look up the details of the site architecture and found this–not sure if it’s current.

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