Dancing Startups: First Round Capital's Video Holiday Card

Venture firm First Round Capital‘s video holiday card is just silly and simple enough to be perfect viral material. It’s a getting a lot of attention in the blogosphere so I though I’d share it here.

Two items of note:

  • It really is just startups dancing followed by VCs dancing, so don’t watch if you’re waiting for the twist at the end — there isn’t one.
  • Isn’t that former Business Objects marketer Steve Wooledge with the guitar in the Aster Data clip at 2:39?

If you like the song, it’s called Praan by Gary Schyman and was popularized by the Where the Hell is Matt phenomenon (and website), which was clearly the inspiration for First Round Capital’s card.

2 responses to “Dancing Startups: First Round Capital's Video Holiday Card

  1. Busted! :-)

  2. Check this out, this will be a hit too. The kids are all over it.http://www.sun7news.com/index.php?code=957aZm96dD3sJp679PO6&CMP=OTC-WWYCOVS1001

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