ReadWriteWeb on the Mark Logic CEO Blog

The only thing better than the snowy, Lake Tahoe views this morning was finding this reference to the Mark Logic CEO Blog on one of the top Internet blogs, ReadWriteWeb.

Here’s an excerpt from the post, entitled 2009 Predictions Across the Web.

Dave Kellogg Advises Corporate Bloggers to Get Real

Dave Kellogg, CEO of Mark Logic, suggests that many corporations have latched onto the blogging phenomenon as a means to regurgitate their standard corporate messages. Blogging this way doesn’t work and if you’re considering doing it – don’t. As a CEO who has been blogging for over three years, Dave’s words are well worth noting. His blogging style is also well worth emulating.

Dave’s recommendations:

  • If you’re going to make a corporate blog, go real or go home.
  • There is no point in ghost-written or PR-written blogs.
  • In my view, corporate blogs shouldn’t exist. If you want a corporate blog, go find a few corporate bloggers instead.
  • Encourage those bloggers to write openly and honestly about your industry.
  • Let them ramble off-topic once in a while. You might discover something.

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