Quiz: How Many People Work at Oracle and SAP?

While we all carry intuitive notions of size, one of my favorite things to do is quantify things. Simple example: what does it mean to say a kid is “very good” at soccer? Is he/she:

  • Better than 99 out of 100 kids
  • 999 out of 1,000
  • or 9,999 out of 10,000?

There is a huge difference among the three answers and I’d argue in all cases one might say, “very good,” while perhaps in the last case one might say “exceptional” or “outstanding.”

Today’s example is corporate. While we all know that Oracle and SAP are “big” — exactly how big are they in terms of headcount? Quick, make a guess.

[Blank space inserted to somewhat hide the answer]

And the answer is:

  • 86,657 people work at Oracle
  • 51,863 people work at SAP

Per recent research from JMP Securities.

By the way, the same report also says that Oracle is in the midst of laying off about 1,500 staff and that SAP is laying off about 7-8% worldwide (i.e., ~3800), with a particular focus on the Americas where cuts may be up to 20%.

2 responses to “Quiz: How Many People Work at Oracle and SAP?

  1. Q: How many people work at Oracle and SAP?A: About 40% of them

  2. Great answer from HANSaaS! The numbers of people were definitely higher than expected. I believe that puts Oracle bigger than Microsoft as far as head count. I would not have expected that. Now I’m curious as to how big IBM is too!

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