Balderton Raises $430M Fund

Congrats to my old boss, Bernard Liautaud, and his partners at the UK-based Balderton Capital for raising a $430M fund in only two months, during chilling times indeed.

Balderton’s past hits have included MySQL and Bebo. Recent investments include: Big Fish Games (gaming), Metaversum (virtual worlds), 7digital (music downloads), and betNOW (gambling).

See TechCrunch’s story on the fund, here. Excerpt:

Barry Maloney told the Financial Times: “We are about to enter a very interesting time for new investments, if not for exits. Part of the reason for raising this fund now is to take advantage of the opportunities that this stage of the cycle throws up.”

Balderton’s thinking is evidenced by the fact that it invested in Lovefilm which will benefit from film fans avoiding high prices at cinemas. Balterton’s Barrry Maloney also told the FT there would be “some casualities” in its portfolio and made the totally safe prediction that there would be VC-backed IPOs in the next 18 to 24 months.

See Balderton’s press release here.

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