The Big Cheese: Velveeta Network Marketing with House Party

I caught a Facebook status update from childhood friend and neighbor, Gene DeRose (who, among other things, founded Jupiter Communications), which linked to a Wall Street Journal article about his new company, HouseParty, and the big Velveeta House Party that they are running on Super Bowl Sunday.

Always interested in marketing, this got me asking: what’s a House Party? The answer: a modern-day, high-tech interpretation of the old Tupperware party.

From their site:

Is a House Party like a Tupperware party?

Yes… and no. There are many appropriate analogies to be made to the successful phenomenon that is a Tupperware party, but a House Party is different in one key way: hosts of house parties are not paid representatives of any of the products that are showcased at the event.

Instead, a House Party host is typically a brand ambassador – a consumer that already has a positive association with the brand(s), and who is likely already out doing something we simply want them to do more of: telling their friends about the brand. House Party finds the most viral of these consumers, and gives them ways and reasons to do more of this advocacy while also allowing us to guide and sculpt some of it, peek in on how it’s going, and track it.

I suspect there’s some cool data mining technology involved, because they somehow identify the “most viral” of the House Party applicants. For example, for The Big Cheese, only 2,500 of the 15,000 applicants were selected.

Good luck with the concept Gene and Parker: it seems like a good one.

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