jetBlue: The CEO’s Guide to Jetting

I first noticed this jetBlue campaign a few weeks back, in print, with a full-page newspaper ad that went something like:

To all industry captains, moguls, investment bankers, derivative traders, CEOs, chairmen, … who used to fly on the corporate jet, we have two words for you:


Pretty funny, I thought. (See full ad image at bottom of the post.)

Then today, a colleague pointed me to these related viral videos that I think are quite good. And bear in mind, I think it’s easy to get viral videos badly wrong — consider IBM’s The Pitch Meeting as a painful example of a would-be viral DB2 video gone astray.

Here’s the jetBlue series, in three parts:

Part I

Part II

Part III


2 responses to “jetBlue: The CEO’s Guide to Jetting

  1. I hadn’t seen this before! That’s funny!

  2. Fantabulous.

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