Wow, My Blog is Worth $394,545,921

I just received a fun note from fellow blogger Daniel Tunkelang of The Noisy Channel who pointed out that Pufip has calculated the worth of my blog as $394,545,921 so I should be retiring in the next week or so.

Or perhaps, not. As I’m sure Daniel is aware, Pufip only works for top-level domain names so sadly, I think the $395M value is Blogspot’s and not mine. (And even then, it strikes me as way high.)

One of the disadvantages of hosting my blog at Blogspot is that I lose such analytics. But at this point, I actually feel rather trapped because I worry that changing the domain name would be a lot of work, break a lot of links, and cause me to lose my PageRank. I like Blogger, by the way, as a blog-creating tool, and Blogger does let you host your blog at your own domain. I’ve just defaulted into hosting it (for free, I might add) at Blogspot.

So, I’ll see you in the office tomorrow. I think Daniel will be back in his office, too — while his blog is worth a respectable $58K, I don’t think he’ll be retiring to journalism anytime soon, either.

Hi Ho!

4 responses to “Wow, My Blog is Worth $394,545,921

  1. You could always get a domain and just have it forwarded to your blogger page. I don’t believe that would mess up SEO at all. Then you could probably optimize for both pages, the domain and your blogger page. Just a thought :)

  2. Daniel Tunkelang

    I haven’t figured out the hourly rate on that $58K is above or below minimum wage. Then again, do journalists even get minimum wage these days?

  3. devon — thanks, maybe I’m being too paranoid and should bite the bullet and move.

  4. Daniel – last time I calculated my AdSense revenue I was absolutely positive I could earn more money pan-handling than blogging.

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