McKinsey Releases Cloud-Unfriendly Cloud Computing Report

McKinsey has released a “discussion document” on cloud computing that comes to some fairly un-trendy conclusions about cloud computing. Entitled Clearing the Air on Cloud Computing the 34-page unwieldy PDF slide presentation argues the cloud computing is at the peak of Gartner’s hype cycle, has created a gold rush atmosphere, has about 22 different definitions, and that in many cases cloud computing is more expensive than what large companies could accomplish on their own.

I don’t know what’s causing it, but I’ve had a huge amount of trouble accessing the PDF, which says (SECURED) in my Window bar, mysteriously appears to be only an improbable 1MB in size, but which just eats CPU when you open it. I’ve lost about an hour and crashed my machine twice trying to make this post, which has become a Sisyphean quest at this point.

Ergo, I’ve uploaded it to Scribd in case you can’t access it either, and in so doing discovered what the problem is. The geniuses at McKinsey have published a cloud computing report in some encrypted PDF format such that it’s quite unusable in the cloud. Bravo. Incroyable.

Somehow, someone got it uploaded to Slideshare, where it also acts quite unwieldy, but here it is:

[Sorry, it still went too slow when embedded, and when I tried to simply link to it in SlideShare form, the uploader had subsequently marked it as private. The whole thing is an exercise in how not to do viral marketing.]

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  1. The Scribd link appears to not be available.

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