EContent on Why Corporate Bloggers Often Miss

Here’s a good, brief article on EContent, entitled Blogging: Why the Basics Elude Many Marketers, which provides a nice summary of why corporate marketing types typically fail when working in social media environments.

Except (bolding mine):

Because of the casual nature of the conversation, many companies seriously underestimate the strategy that goes into successful blogs. Publishing posts is just the beginning. Making sure that the content offered is substantive and engaging requires preparation. You’ll need to create an “editorial calendar” which maps out in advance what topics you will explore. From there, you can make decisions about which internal resources must be tapped to provide or augment planned content.

Remember to plan your content strategy with your target audience in mind, and don’t be afraid to add to the calendar as your audience uncovers interesting topics with the potential for further exploration. Once a solid base of posts has been published, corporate blogs should follow the same rules as any other blogs in terms of linking to and commenting on others in the blogosphere. Rather than assuming the company name will engage people, blog writers should be looking for ways to connect with readers. The whole point is to converse, not lecture.

The article goes continues, discussing how many marketers make the exact mistakes with Facebook groups or corporate Twitter accounts, a point that I found quite logical but of which I was less aware:

More recently, the social media stampede has turned toward Twitter, and companies are getting trampled there, too. The same “anti-marketing” strategy that applies to blogging should be applied here. There’s no point spamming people with your company message – you might as well be a telemarketer.

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