Twazzup: A Nice Twitter Search Engine

As part of writing my previous post on swine flu, Twitter, and The Wisdom of Crowds, I ran into a nice, real-time, alternative Twitter search engine, called Twazzup, presumably as in, “what’s up?”

Most folks are probably aware of Summize, which was acquired by Twitter in July, 2008, and is now at I think Twazzup one-ups Twitter search in a few areas:

  • It shows you the TPH, presumably meaning tweets per hour, on a topic. Right now, “swine flu” is running at 6,667 TPH.
  • While they both show hot topics, Twazzup does a much better job of finding and suggesting related queries. For example, Twazzup is suggesting: Mexico, #swineflu, news, avoid. Twitter search is showing cool / nifty queries that aren’t related: #haiku, listening to, “is down.”
  • Twazzup shows a featured tweet (presumably using some authority mechanism), related pictures, and related news stories.

When using Twazzup, John Battelle’s database of intentions springs immediately to mind and frankly, because it’s real-time and it’s not just search phrases but little proclamations, I think Twitter/Twazzup does a much better job of sticking a thermometer in the public consciousness than a log of Google search phrases.

Using that thermometer what, besides swine flu, is on the public’s mind at present? Apophis, which is evidently an asteroid that might hit the Earth in 2036.

Gosh, folks are in an apocalyptic mood.

Stephen Arnold covers Twazzup here.

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