Mark Logic CEO Blog Wins SIIA "Best Corporate Blog" Award

I’m thrilled to report that the Mark Logic CEO Blog, authored by our PR guy Jason Tidwell — just kidding, authored by mewon an SIIA CODiE award last night at the CODiE awards gala dinner at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

It’s great to see the blog continue to get recognition from ReadWriteWeb, from corporate blogging expert Debbie Weil, from CNBC, from “WebMama” and now from the SIIA, because I work hard to follow a sensible, reader-centric, and sadly rather rare approach:

  • I write the blog myself. Nothing is ever ghost-written.
  • I write about topics that interest me, regardless of how or whether they relate to selling our software.
  • While I do certainly highlight Mark Logic items (e.g., events), I am vigilant in ensuring that the blog does not turn into an advertisement.

Thanks again for your support. Lest I forget, we also won best database management system in the software division awards.

8 responses to “Mark Logic CEO Blog Wins SIIA "Best Corporate Blog" Award

  1. Dave,Congratulations! You definitely write one of my favorite blogs to read, and I always eagerly await your next post. I almost always learn something.Dan

  2. Congratulations Dave! The blog is always one of my weekly reads. I enjoy trying to understand your perspective.

  3. Scott Abel, The Content Wrangler

    Congratulations to you and your team for outstanding achievements. You deserve both awards! I’m so happy to see you get the recognition.Scott AbelThe Content Wrangler

  4. Daniel Tunkelang

    Congrats! I avoid corporate blogs like the plague, but I admit that I make an exception for yours. Keep up the great writing!

  5. Congrats Dave. Great to see you get recognition for doing something just for the sake giving and the enjoyment that brings.AS

  6. I’m noticing a circular pattern of recognition…..I wonder what the network of relationships are amongst the judges? Then again, in the fine tradition of former Congressmen as lobbyists…congratulations!

    MarkLogic CEO Dave Kellogg Elected to Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA)

    SAN CARLOS, Calif. — March 23, 2009 — MarkLogic Corporation, a leading provider of infrastructure software for information applications, today announced that its chief executive officer, Dave Kellogg, has been elected to the board of directors of the Content Division of the Software and Information Industry Association (SIIA). Serving a two-year term, he will join nine other newly elected executives representing Content Division member companies.

    • For what it’s worth I had to drop off the board after only a few months. And I’d say that all awards/recognition programs have some in-built bias whether there is a judging panel or popular vote (we win both types of awards, by the way). So the only way to avoid any claims of bias is to not win any awards and that’s not a great strategy either. For what it’s worth, the judging panel is fairly large and they do their homework, checking references, etc. And, btw, the fact that you found that MarkLogic is an SIIA member and that I was briefly on their board is well .. disclosure. If it wasn’t disclosed, we wouldn’t be talking about it, would we?

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