Great Write-Up from Kurt Cagle on the Mark Logic 2009 User Conference

Just a quick post to say a few final things with regard to the 2009 Mark Logic User Conference.

  • Thanks to everyone for making it, truly, the best conference we’ve done to date.
  • For those many who loved the opening video, there is a high-quality version of it here
  • I look forward to seeing you next year where we will work hard to make it bigger and better

In talking with our marketing VP, Tracy Eiler, about the conference, we realized that back at Business Objects we were somewhere in the $60M to $85M annual revenues range before our user conference had 400+ people in attendance at the opening keynote.

And, finally, I wanted to highlight a great write-up of the conference by Kurt Cagle on the XML Today blog.


Yet the Mark Logic conference was different first in that it’s core product is so fundamentally built around XML-based technologies. The importance of this in and of itself should not be minimized. Most user conferences tend to involve major conferences that have effectively defined themselves clearly and established their dominance in their respective fields. For all the pervasiveness of XML I cannot think of a single company that has advanced to the point where they have these critical pieces of community – a developer network, an ecosystem of commercial vendors and a strong (and growing) customer base – solely on the basis of XML.

What’s more astonishing is that in a year where Apple cancelled a critical MacWorld conference, where companies are reeling left and right from the effects of the economy, and where tens of thousands of programmers and IT professionals are either now unemployed or fearful for their jobs, the attendance at this year’s Mark Logic conference exceeded that of last year. Many of the people who attended this year did so on their own dime, a testament to the importance that they attribute to this technology and product.

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