BlueGuru: JetBlue’s MarkLogic-Based Publishing and Content Management System

Just a quick post to highlight and share this great case study by Mitch Kramer of the Patricia Seybold Group on Blue Guru, JetBlue’s content management and publishing system.

Excerpt to tempt you into reading the 26-page document:

XML is BlueGuru’s enabling technology, and MarkLogic Server is its most critical architectural element. XML addresses JetBlue’s requirements for structured documents—multiple types, multiple components within each type, hierarchical relationships between components, and component sharing across documents. MarkLogic Server is an XML content management system that automates BlueGuru’s documentation processes. Its repository stores BlueGuru’s documents and supports their access and retrieval by Crewmembers, partners, and regulators.

This case study report tells the story of JetBlue’s business transformation from a documentation system of decentralized and manually maintained manuals to a distributed content management and publishing system.

I’ve embedded the full document below in Scribd epaper format. Thanks to Mitch for writing a great document and to the folks at JetBlue for their faith in us, for their support of Mitch in writing the case study, and for the help and input they’ve provided us.

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