Mark Logic Highlighted in San Jose Mercury News Story on Venture Capital

I’m pleased to report that Mark Logic was highlighted in a San Jose Mercury News story published yesterday about the resurgence of VC-backed startups one year after the famous Sequoia Rest in Peace Good Times meeting.

The story was published as part of the Mercury New’s quarterly venture capital survey.

The story begins:

When Dave Kellogg arrived at Sequoia Capital on that day in early October 2008, “the last chair in the room was in the front row,” he recalled. “My penance for being a little bit late.”

Kellogg is the CEO of Mark Logic, a startup that helps business clients make sense of the chaos of unstructured data. He wound up with an excellent seat for an auspicious moment in Silicon Valley lore — the “R.I.P. Good Times” briefing that drove home the severity of the financial industry crisis for the startup economy. Initially intended exclusively for leaders of companies backed by Sequoia’s investments, it would be inadvertently leaked by one CEO and sail around the Web like an early Halloween ghoul.

Not only has the story received great visibility in Silicon Valley, a quote of mine from it was picked up by the Wall Street Journal’s Venture Capital Dispatch blog, here.

The full story is available here. The Mercury News quarterly venture capital survey is here. Another recent piece of Mark Logic business press coverage, from the San Jose Buisness Journal, is here.

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