Ten Minutes of Fame

I stumbled into something called TweetCloud this morning and, after giving it a try, all it did was convince me that tweetstreams were bad targets for word clouds. But it led me to scratch my head trying to remember the name of the website that was all the rage a while back that made really pretty word clouds.

Uh … what was its name? Uh … what was it again … uh … Wordle, that’s it! This, in turn, led me to do two things.

One was to try and generate from memory a list of one-hit wonder websites / tech businesses that each had what Andy Warhol would call their ten minutes of fame.

  • PointCast
  • Geocities (only recently shuttered by Yahoo)
  • Napster (more shut down than faded away)
  • Webvan
  • Marimba
  • CrossWorlds (think: Katrina’s Richard Avedon shot)
  • Wikia (search)
  • PowerSet (“we’ll beat Google at web search; oh, sorry, just Wikipedia search”)
  • Cuil (though it was more like one minute than ten)
  • Joost

(I like to keep track of such things to balance the early-stage dramatization and survivor bias in the media. Personally, I’d bet that two of SecondLife, WolframAlpha, and Ning will join this club, but only time will tell.)

The other was, of course, to gen up a new Wordle word cloud for the Mark Logic CEO blog.

Wordle: Mark Logic CEO Blog

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