Slides from Mark Logic Digital Publishing Summit

I’m at the Mark Logic Digital Publishing Summit at The Plaza Hotel in New York. While I’m not sure what the “official” means will be for sharing presentation slides, based on a few requests at lunch I’ve uploaded my slides and David Worlock’s slides to SlideShare and embedded them here.

Great event, over 550 registered, almost ran out of chairs at lunch. Thanks to everyone for coming!

My slides:

David’s slides:

4 responses to “Slides from Mark Logic Digital Publishing Summit

  1. A way to combine the realistic philosophy with technology. While approaching the simplicity and elegance in addition. These presentations are very clear and easily understandable. Some kind of proof that native storage of data is a very powerful and an useful concept and nevertheless less costly than others in use today. I hope you will have a good navigation during this summit. In others words: good eXtended Path to the success.

  2. Thanks Dominique.

  3. Thank you Dave for the conference and the mixers. Too bad that you had to squeeze in so much info in such a short period of time, and… leave out the "monetization " part of your presentation. Maybe you could return to the subject in a blog entry. Given the (controversial, IMHO) ideas presented by Gordon Crovitz, it seems that the subject of how to sell content online, especially within the context of social networks, is most important, and even expert-publishers can get it all wrong.

  4. Thanks Greg. I agree I did more on the "building blocks" than on the monetization. I'll add a post on that topic to my to-do list.Cheers/Dave

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