Coming Friday 1/29/10: Kellblog!

As I have discussed a few times in the past, I want to rename the Mark Logic CEO Blog in order to accomplish a few goals:

  • Get a shorter, pithier name that will be easier for people to write and talk about
  • Get a more normal, blog-like name that will hopefully increase citations and in-bound links
  • Get a name that better reflects the content of the blog. While the blog certainly contains some pro-Mark-Logic posts, the majority of the content is not typical “corporate blog” fodder

Toward these ends, I am pleased to announce that on Friday, January 29th, 2010, the Mark Logic CEO blog will become Kellblog.

  • Site readers will automatically be redirected to the new domain:
  • Feed subscribers using the proper Feedburner feed will need to do nothing, since — for the time being — the feed address will remain (At some future point, we’ll switch the feed, but we have plenty of other work to do first.)
  • On Friday, February 12th, 2010, I intend to cutover to a fresher, crisper, simpler design to provide the blog with a new, and more contemporary, look.
  • I also intend to switch work-related tweets to a new account @kellblog, as opposed to my original Twitter account @ramblingman, from which I no longer expect to tweet. So, please follow @kellblog right now!

4 responses to “Coming Friday 1/29/10: Kellblog!

  1. Great, if you get really motivated you might consider changing the comments system over to DISQUS. I have found comments are not nice to use, think you will find it helps promote discussion.

  2. Thanks for the feedback Tony. I have used DISQUS to comment on a few blogs and liked it. I'll investigate how to set it up for this blog.

  3. As a big fan of confluent meanings, I like the change. I have been in its corner from the start. QuelBlog – tres bien. OK, I will return to using the proper spelling so as to reinforce, not dilute, the brand. And when the content is good, the brand should receive comparable attention. So that's two thumbs up.

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