The Dawn of Financial Services Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)

I was happily surprised to read this article today, Wall Street Firms, Hedge Funds, Recruit CIA, Ex-Military Intelligence. The subtitle sums it up nicely:

Financial firms are particularly eager to recruit former Afghan and Iraq war vets with intelligence operations experience since they can bring new technology and techniques to research and analysis.

That’s good news for Mark Logic in financial services because OSINT is:

  • An area in which we have developed significant expertise, not only in terms of product requirements, but also in how to support customers in building and deploying complete OSINT systems
  • An application that we are starting to see in other verticals. For example, when we hosted our webinar, Harvesting Deep Web Content for Open Source Intelligence, we had not only the usual suspects (i.e., government agencies), we had — much to my surprise — a few attendees from other markets as well.
  • An application that does not lend itself well to the predefined world of traditional database technologies. It is a near perfect fit for MarkLogic. It is — in fact and quite literally — exactly what MarkLogic Server was originally designed to do. (Maybe one day, I’ll tell that whole story.)

Here’s an excerpt from the article on open source intelligence in financial services:

Today, the private sector needs timely, relevant and actionable “intelligence” to secure their businesses against potential threats, he explains. Some of this intelligence can be produced with open source information ” publicly available information that anyone can lawfully obtain.

The full story is here.

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