More Changes at Kellblog / Mark Logic CEO Blog

Today, we’re set to enter phase II of the transition from Mark Logic CEO Blog to Kellblog.

This afternoon, we will cut over to a new blog design. Authoring wise, I will be changing from Blogger as my authoring tool to WordPress, though that shouldn’t directly effect my readers.

I will also be changing the RSS feeds shortly; more on that after the new feeds are up and running.

Also, remember I now tweet from @kellblog, no longer from @ramblingman.

3 responses to “More Changes at Kellblog / Mark Logic CEO Blog

  1. It is a clever name for naming your blog Kellblog (In French ~ What Blog !).
    I spent some time today to read in detail the mechanisms of transaction support in ML.
    Apart from the syntax used – this is a very good design.
    But I don’t saw a mechanism to perform explicit rollback

    • Thanks, I must admit the quelle blog homonym was purely accidental, but nevertheless quite fun. As for explicit transaction rollback, I’m not the best guy to ask. I know we support XQuery statements as transactions and that we have the power to back them out (e.g., deadlock). I don’t believe we have an explicit abort statement that the user/programmer can invoke mid-way through.

  2. Jim sent me an email about the question of explicit rollback within a transaction.
    I found the solution in the documentation.
    In fact the mechanism exists in ML using a pre-commit trigger which can fire an abort of the current transaction.

    I’m still not completely outside of the culture SQL !

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