Slides from my Presentation at the Mark Logic 2010 User Conference

Just a quick post to share the slides that I presented this morning at the Mark Logic 2010 User Conference.

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  1. State of the company is “removed”? Sounds painful… Did you present something that you don’t wan’t to share more widely? Selective disclosure sounds strange in the new world (I’m sure you recall an experience where somebody decided to put up a revenue chart without figures, only to find an enterprising analyst taking a picture and measuring the heights of the bars with a ruler…)

  2. Yes. Sharing stuff like in a room is different from sharing it on the Internet.

    As you guessed, I removed a chart showing annual revenues that had no Y axes. I also remember he BOBJ financial analyst story Timo talks about and that’s precisely why I didn’t want my graph in the wild — someone who, e.g., know actual revenues in any one year could measure the bars and get the whole curve.

    Recall we are a private company and don’t disclose financial information.

    But, in a nutshell, the state of the company is GREAT.

  3. By the way, I wrote “removed” so people wouldn’t go nuts looking for something they thought they remembered seeing but wasn’t in the slides.

  4. You removed the DKL slide?

  5. Do you know when the conference slides will be made available? I wanted to show Justin & Micah’s NQUAD presentation to David and Markus. Thanks. And thanks for an awesome conference!

  6. Correction: I’m pretty sure that was Michael Blakely and Norm Walsh’s presentation. Sorry, I don’t have my notes handy, and it was a jam-packed conference!

  7. I had to get this right. Just looked up the schedule on Tumblr. I mean to say, Michael Blakeley and Jason Monberg’s presentation. And for clarification, it was on Semantic Storage and Queries with MarkLogic Server. Sorry, I can’t edit my past comments.

  8. Not sure what the DKL slide was, but I removed a chart with revenues and a slide with some customer names. The Oracle fossil slide is still but it was done via a build as were some other jokes. In SlideShare you end up seeing only the end resultant slide, not the build.

  9. No problem Shannon. Thanks for commenting at all. Marketing tells me presentations will be available on somewhere where you’ll need a password that will be distributed to attendees. If you don’t get that password soon, mail me at ceo at marklogic dot com and I’ll take care of you.

  10. Thanks! And I was intentionally cryptic, just in case, about David Kellog Lewis–I was looking for a brain teaser!

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  12. […] it. The single best presentation for me at the conference was Dave Kellog’s presentation (slides here). MarkLogic is a disruptive technology so expect it to be disruptive. It doesn’t fit into any […]

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