Save The Date: MarkLogic 2011 User Conference

Now that we’re done with the stellar Mark Logic 2010 User Conference, it’s time to ask everyone to save the date for the MarkLogic 2011 User Conference which will be held at the wonderful Palace Hotel in San Francisco on 4/26 – 4/29/2011.

Our current plan is to have pre-conference training on Tuesday 4/26.  The conference will be 2.5 days, starting Wednesday 4/27 in morning and going through Friday 4/29/2011.  On the afternoon of Friday 4/29, we’ll have a supplemental session for MarkLogic partners.  (Note that this format slides the conference back one day in terms of what day-of-the-week we do things; we’ve done that because 4/24 is Easter and we don’t want people to have to choose between traveling on Easter and missing the pre-conference training.)

PLEASE MARK THESE DATES NOW IN YOUR CALENDAR.  You can always clear them later if you don’t want to come.

Note that our marketing head, Tracy Eiler, and I are wondering if it’s time to give the conference a name, so I’d be open to any suggestions.  To get your creative juices flowing, here are some other companies and how they’ve named their user conferences.

  • SAP:  Saphire
  • Oracle:  Oracle Open World
  • Endeca:  Discover
  • Facebook:  F8
  • Twitter:  Chirp
  • Informatica:  Informatica World
  • Autonomy:  Inorganic Growth World (formerly, Bayesian BlackBox World)*

I won’t bias the brainstorming by starting with my own ideas.  Feel free to comment with suggestions or email me at ceo at marklogic dot com.

* Yes, the Autonomy ones aren’t real; I was just sniping.  On a serious note, I was surprised to find that Autonomy doesn’t seem to have a user conference, and I’ll let the reader conclude on his/her own the interpretation of such.  (Mine isn’t good.)

6 responses to “Save The Date: MarkLogic 2011 User Conference

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  2. Just try to avoid anything brand dilutive, misleading, or confusing. You know, like “Mark Logic Wigs and Lipstick”. :-)

  3. Daniel,

    The dangers of blogging! Thanks for reminding me of that post (with over 800 or so, it’s hard to remember them all).

    Personally, I’ve always like Sapphire because it was neither dilutive (i.e., SAP is right in there) nor misleading.

    And yes, I’ve historically not been a fan of the independently-branded conference (e.g., I wouldn’t call it “XML World” or even “XML World by MarkLogic.” I was more thinking along the lines of MarkLogic World (neither misleading nor dilutive) or MarkLogical.

    Have no worries about giving me some friendly sh-t. With all that I dish out (e.g., in this very post to Autonomy), I do need to be able to take it.


  4. I can’t come up with anything better than Kellogg’s World and Mark Logical Positivism, so I’m definitely not quitting my day job. Seriously, you run a strong marketing operation (including this blog), so I’m glad to have the rare opportunity to mess with you.

  5. What’s wrong with MLUC11?

    (I get 3100 google search results on MLUC10.)

    Optionally prefix it with # and you will get even more Twitter traffic next year. (A hashtag offers a nice graphical element for your designers too.)


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