My Slides from the MarkLogic 2010 Digital Publishing Summit

Just a quick post to share my slides from this year’s standing-room-only 2010 Digital Publishing Summit at the Plaza Hotel.

Thank you to everyone for attending!

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  2. I’m certain I’m not the only person wondering – why is the philosophical West on the right side and not the left? I’d also be tempted to throw XQuery/XSL-FO onto the East and XSLT onto the West. MLS versus RETS is also a telling example.

  3. Piers,

    Great observation on the left/right thing and can’t believe I missed it. I think I knew I was talking to a East Coat audience, so I put them in the right column. Anyways, I’ll revised in future editions, unless I’m speaking in the Southern hemisphere.

    I’m not sure XQuery is coastal, so to speak, though I do know plenty of users of both it and FO on the East Coast. But I also know lots of folks using XSLT, basically everywhere.

    I assume MLS = multiple listing service (and not MarkLogic Server) and thus RETS = real-estate XML, in which I’d say you’re probably bang-on, though we don’t do much work with RETS directly.


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