You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

After six great years, I have resigned my position as CEO of MarkLogic Corp.  I can say that the parting is amicable and the board and I have been working for several months to ensure a smooth transition because we have a shared interest in the company’s continued success going forward.

When I left my job running marketing at BusinessObjects, I wanted to see if I could be a general manager, run a P&L, and grow a company to a substantial size.  I’ve accomplished what I set out to do and then some.  What I do next is unclear:  perhaps grow another startup or return to a large organization in a GM/CMO capacity.  I’ll figure it out in the coming months.

I am proud of what we accomplished during my six years at the MarkLogic:  acquiring over 200 enterprise customers, growing annual revenues at a 75% CAGR, raising $27.5M in venture capital, and growing the company from 40 to over 230 employees.

I am particularly happy to say that I will be leaving the company in a position of strength, having exceeded the 2010 revenue plan targets and with nearly $20M cash in the bank.

I believe that MarkLogic has great technology, great people, great customers, great partners, and great future potential.

I would like to say “thank you” to the large number of people who contributed to MarkLogic’s success during the past six years.  In particular, I’d like to thank:

  • MarkLogic customers not only for buying our software and services, but more importantly for your faith in the company and in our ability to deliver.
  • MarkLogic employees for your hard work, excellence, dedication, and – most importantly – for helping to preserve the professional, high standards, results-oriented culture that enabled us to be successful.  I am honored to have worked with you.

Since I seem to have a reputation for being a rather demanding manager, I’d like to offer a special thanks to the three people on the executive staff who were with the company the day I joined and who have thus shared (and/or endured) my entire MarkLogic tenure:  Ron Avnur, Josh Narva, and Max Schireson.  I can’t think of three finer people with whom to have worked.

Thank you to everyone.

Ave Atque Vale!

50 responses to “You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

  1. Bonne chance, Dave! I hope all of us can continue to read your blog. Your insight, observations, and humor are a pleasure for me every week.

  2. Dear Dave,
    Your well thought out and provocative remarks have kept all of us in the industry on our toes. You will be missed. We wish you joy, happiness and success in the next endeavor.

    Sue Feldman, IDC Search and Discovery Technologies

  3. Stephen Ryden-Lloyd

    Dave – god speed for your next venture, and been great to have worked with ML during your tenure.

  4. Funny. Great email, and amazing accomplishments. I am sure you feel very proud.
    After four years I decided to leave Expedia. Amazing fun turning around the technology platform for one of the largest web sites in the world. Great ride moving to a sustaining mode right now, and time for me to find the next adventure.
    We should compare notes.


    P.S. Happy New Year

  5. Dave, isn’t it Business Objects (two words)? Kidding.

    Wow, this is big news. Congrats to your great success at MarkLogic. I can’t wait to hear about DK 3.0.

    All the best with what’s next Dave!


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  7. Job well done -Dave. “Hello Goodbye” – That song was very famous for it’s “maori finale”. The song comes to a dead false stop, then seconds later comes to life again with a lively melody heard nowhere else. It’s time for you to rest for just a moment and then start it up again – something new that’s bigger and better. We look forward for to your next performance. I am a big fan.

  8. Hi Dave,

    I’m sure you won’t be idle very long. Someone somewhere is already desperate for your exceptional talents.

  9. Dave,
    It has been a great experience reading your insights on un-structured information and Marklogic’s role in handling it. I wish you all the best for your future endeavors and do continue your write ups here in kellblog.

  10. Dave, when I saw your presentation at MLUC 2010 I thought, “these guys know what they are doing.” I think you’ve done an excellent job injecting personality into the company and explaining concepts very well. And from what I can tell, the company appears to be in a very healthy condition, which is really remarkable given the economic climate.. Your blog has been top notch, too, so I hope you keep that going. Good luck for whatever is next for you.

  11. ParamPuneet Singh

    It was very informative to read your blog. Hope you keep it continue.
    You really took MarkLogic to the great lightening of Success and still long way to go.
    Wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.

  12. Stephen Casbeer

    Congratulations on the success of MarkLogic. Few leave from a similar position “on top” and with the company on such a positive trajectory. You will be missed by the MarkLogic community. Best wishes to you and your family. And to whomever you say, “Hello,” you just got lucky.

  13. Dave congrats on everything you have accomplished at Mark Logic. It is really a great capability and I’ve seen firsthand how powerful it can serve hard enterprise missions.

    And thanks for the powerful writing and vision provided via your blog, briefs, papers and tweets. Please keep that up, and please stay in touch.


  14. Hi Dave,

    Best of luck as you move on. I have enjoyed our many conversations over the years as you took MarkLogic from startup and built it into a cornerstone technology company in the publishing industry. It’s fair to say that the industry is a fundamentally different place today with the presence of MarkLogic at so many leading companies and organizations.

    Do keep in touch!


  15. You’ll be a tough act to follow, for sure.

    I’ve enjoyed our conversations over the years as you’ve already had such a rich experience in the data management market that I always value your perspective on issues.

    Now you’ve added another string to your bow in getting MarkLogic to where it is, I look forward to continuing our conversations wherever you end up next.

    451 Group

  16. I have followed both MarkLogic and your blog with great interest and can’t wait to see what you might come up with next.

  17. I am sure your next venture will be as productive and hopefully even more interesting than MarkLogic.


  18. Emerson Samuels

    Congratulations on what you’ve achieved. It was a pleasure working with you and great fun.

  19. I do wish you all the very best for the future. Will miss your blog, but hope to see you continue to blog/tweet in the coming weeks.



  20. Everyone,

    Thank you so much for the kind comments. I won’t respond individually to each one, but I have read them all and appreciate the kind thoughts.

    And, so long as my next employer doesn’t prohibit it, I have every intention to continue blogging.

  21. I’m genuinely saddened to hear of your departure. I don’t know many CEOs who will open their company’s user conference with a speech, then sit down on the front row to listen to the following speakers. I’ve always appreciated the competent but understated tone of MarkLogic–a tone I believe you were instrumental in setting. Best wishes in whatever comes next for you.

    • Thank you Stewart. I’m glad that people notice. It has been a pleasure working with you and your organization. Please send my regards to Joel. You guys are world-class. Best/Dave

  22. Wow, just saw the news. Congratulations and good luck in your new adventures! Good thing you changed the name of this blog last year! Seriously, I hope that both you and Mark Logic continue to maintain strong social media presence. But, as Nick says, you will be a tough act to follow in all of your facets.

    Anyway, I hope this means you’ll have some free time in the next few months to grab lunch! :-)

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  24. You were my favorite CEO. Can’t wait to see what you’ll be my favorite of next. But take a rest first!

    • Thanks Shannon. And you were favorite customer. (Just don’t tell the other ones!) I’ll miss you awesome and creative presentations. It’s been a pleasure getting to know you. Thanks for your support over the years. /dave

  25. Best wishes, Dave! It’s been a pleasure working with you.

    • Thanks Leslie — Ditto! I expect I’ll be working with Forrester no matter I do next — though I’m not sure which space / which analysts — and I hope to stay in touch either way. Best/Dave

  26. Best wishes for your next adventure, Dave and please continue your blogging.
    I always find your insights thoughtful, engaging and a valuable read. I know your next venture will be fascinating fun.


  27. Michael Reynolds

    Dave it was an honor working for you. You proved that a visionary could indeed infuse their ideas and character without compromising integrity. Thanks for your openess and trust that you “work with adults”. Kind regards, Mike

  28. Dear David,

    As one of the partners you’re referring to, I’d like to thank you for taking MarkLogic overseas. MarkLogic is both a great product and a great company to work with. Best of luck.

    Jan Willem van Wessel
    COO Daidalos, the Netherlands

  29. Also, you are the first American I know of to comment on the Soccer World Cup.

  30. Ah, that explains the occasional French tweets. For a while I thought maybe you were Canadian..

  31. Wish you all the very best for the future. Hope you will continue this blog. Your blog was a weekly information capsule for me :).

  32. Good luck, your blog motivated me to start my blog in 2008.

  33. Dave – I’m late to the game, but wanted to thank you for all of your support over the past year in our WG efforts – the help provided by you and ML has been a game changer for us.

    Good luck / best wishes with your next endeavor – Hopefully we will cross-paths sooner rather than later.

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  36. Dave,

    I have been working in the DW and Analytics industry and truly love your blog. Insights and witty comments are enjoyable to read.

    Please continue blogging !!!

    Best of lucks in your next endeavor,

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